Friday, 14 August 2015

Not even their own molecules

Ghengis Khan was the world's greatest Dad, in sheer numbers.

Well, he was, 'til this creep started getting off on actual reproductive success. Sicko.

Got his jollies breaking into sperm banks. They caught him of course, but not before he had fathered over 700 children. That we could identify.

Not all of his sons felt the need. Some were really nice kids. Normal families. But some of them...

Sperm bank security improved, of course, til our present levels which are pretty much impregnable.

But those guys weren't the worst - an engineer working for a clinical DNA printer hacked the machine to randomly sprinkle some of his bases into everything that went through. Weird, huh? But it sort of made the kids equivalent of distant cousins or so. There were 11 months of births before it was discovered.

It wasn't even his own molecules that were involved, I don't know - I think it makes it worse.

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