Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Kids, inc.

"I'd like my color eyes, my wife's hair and standard high income/life satisfaction traits, good looks... I mean attractive, but no need to use any licences or anything."
"Occupation? Any upgrades on predicted demands?"
"Well, the standard package is to use current and predicted information to estimate labor market condition at graduation time."
"And the extra?"
"We adjust predictions according to the genetic predispositions of that birth-year. I don't think I need to remind you that as the largest provider, our estimates are by far the most accurate."
"Yeah - ok."
"Great choice. Any upgrades for genetic distance?"
"Well, we can let the CPUs run a bit longer and minimise genetic distance. Your child will be more related to you."
"Have a think about it"

Robot dating

GuyGoggles displays a score, relationship status and customizable bar charts over the head of men in real time. Sometimes there was a lag but the score was mostly right. This guy, 40. Some loser, 20. Why is this guy a 60? Oh. Ok.

Things happened naturally.

The human male's score was inflated via the HotChix_v7 optimisation package. GuyGoggles detected this, adjusted +.3SD current tech bonus and presented user with an appropriate score.

Later, human mating act 0xF32C42A1 produced 0x32E553BC